Little Rachel Riding Hood, Page 4

I made the panel in the lower left by hand, inking. It was my little homage to the spirit of Halloween.

I still think Victoria’s Secret Angel is one of the lamest costumes ever. Right up there with cheerleader, cub scout, and “scruffy teenager who didn’t actually bother to put on a costume and shouldn’t be mooching candy.”

  • sewthernbelle

    Have you seen those Monster High dolls? They’re suppose to be the kids of famous monsters and there is even a mini toon on the web. they’re really cute. For them everyday is Halloween! I figured that would be something you’d like. I know I do. Kinda wish they had been around when I was a kid. Is it weird I’m tempted to buy one?

    • Rachel the Great

      I noticed, those, too! I watch the new webisodes every weekend at

      I have controlled myself and not bought a Ghoulia doll… yet. And I hear Toralei is coming to the States soon!