No more Mr. “Nice Guy,” please! Page 1

And thus begins my final comic for

Here’s a handy link to my livejournal post about “nice guys.” (Best quote in the whole thing: “Admit that you licked that attention off the floor like a good little dirt-pig boy!”)




I’ve known all too many “nice” guys in my time. Bleh.

And some genuinely nice ones too! :)


This one always cracks me up. :)


Back when that awful book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” was popular and someone at a party would drivel on about it, my wife and I worked up a standup on the subject:

Alberta: “Do you believe that crap about men and women?”

Richard: “No, they picked the wrong planets! It should be that ‘Women are from Luna and Men are from Uranus’.”

Alberta would then retort: “Listen dickhead, women may be crazy a few days a month but men are assholes everyday!”


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