Rachel’s Magical Bosom, Page 4

Oh-ho! The Self Doubt Fairy returns, this time to torture Sparrow!

The idea is that The Self Doubt Fairy takes the form of whoever you envy the most. Rachel’s looks like Sparrow. But this is the first time Sparrow has ever felt envious of Rachel. This was part of my gearing up for the Ultimate Rachel and Sparrow Showdown. It was going to be epic, like Naruto vs. Sasuke epic. Here’s Rachel, blossoming into young womanhood, and Sparrow’s already played out. She’s not shiny and new anymore. This is the first time she sees Rachel as a real threat.

  • sewthernbelle

    meanwhile, you were totally ahead of fashion trends with those peacock feathers on the Self Doubt Fairy ;)

  • Kayla, Aspie Information Droid

    I have to say, this comic is a favorite of mine. Whenever I dress femininely, everybody is extra nice to me (I usually dress like a gothy nerd boy) and boys are trying really hard to snuggle me. I usually dress more femme-like when I cosplay for a convention, and usually I get hit on when I dress as Karin from Naruto. Long red hair, exposed navel, minishorts, it’s kind of a no brainer why it happens. But recently, I went to Anime USA as Taiwan from Hetalia, and not only did I get hit on, everybody wanted to take my picture! I guess it goes to show that if your cosplay is cute, feminine, and pretty, everyone will want to remember it!

  • pedestrian

    What a shame I couldn’t pull off that look…..

    guess I’d have to shave my beard and mustachios first.

    But women do tell me they love when I let my hair grow long enough for Locks of Love.