The Panty Pirate, Page 2

Wait, 1999?! Doesn’t that mean Tuna’s been selling underwear since Rachel was 14? Isn’t that highly illegal?! Unless Tuna’s been mining other sources… I don’t doubt that he would.

When I wrote this, I used 1999 because to say “Since 2003″ seemed less stately (also, I think Tuna was born in 1998, and I wanted to imply this was something he’d been at for a long time).

I still giggle a little when I see brands with “Since 1973″ tacked onto their tagline. I feel like unless a company has been around for a century, such statements are of little value. Any company can hang on for a few decades, sure. But a few centuries? They must be doing something right.

But obviously, one would not want to buy used panties from a company that has been around since the 1800′s. That would give all new meaning to “granny panties!” Ha!

(This is going to get me so many unintended visits from Google. I’m sorry if you came here looking for used unmentionables. Try eBanned.)