Spring cleaning: Trusty peripherals for sale!

UPDATE, sale over. Alas, starving artists are too poor even for discounts :( Had to put all this up on eBay. Le sigh!

Last week I told you that I’ve switched to a Mac. With this switch, I pulled a major peripheral upgrade. I now possess a medium Intuos 4 and a Brother MFC-6490CW, which not only scans and prints 11 by 17 bristol board but is wireless to boot. Just check out this sweet, almost entirely wireless setup.

My almost wire-free computer station featuring pink leopard fur itso table and hot pink and brushed aluminum accessories.

There are two problems, though. Firstly, I have no money left over with which to buy much needed spring/summer clothes. Secondly, my floor is now covered in unnecessary but perfectly functional peripherals.

Abandoned peripherals litter my floor like corpses on a battle field.

I think I have a solution! I love my fellow comickers in arms, and I remember how costly it was to buy my peripherals when I was first starting out. So if anyone out there would like to buy my peripherals, listed below, I will beat the lowest price they can find on the Internet for the same peripheral in the same condition (used, good condition, and working great). If interested, contact me, and we’ll work it out. Here’s what’s for grabs:

All still have their original cords and install disks, although you will find more up-to-date drivers with a quick internet search.

Mustek Scan Express A3 USB

Mustek Scan Express A3 USB Scanner

This large format printer can tackle 11 by 17 pages with no trouble. Great for black and white scans of comics. Connects with USB. Mac and PC compatible.

CanoScan Lide30

CanoScan LiDE30 Scanner

This was my “travel scanner” from back when I made comics so often that sometimes I had to take my equipment with me on the road. It runs off the USB’s power alone, no power cord required! This is a brilliant little scanner that holds its own to this day. You can “lock” it and slip it into your back pack or laptop back. It’s only a little bigger than a sheet of paper, and it’s quite slim. Not pictured: it has a little stand that you can use to sit it up vertically, that is, at a 90 degree angle to any surface. Great for small work surfaces or if you just want to stash it out of site. Canon still makes LiDE scanners to this day. Great for scanning color, like photos or paintings.

HP Deskjet D1420 Sold

HP Deskjet Printer and Ink Cartridges

I bought this little printer when I first moved out on my own so I could print invoices. It’s a cutey, small footprint, folds up nicely. Perfect for an apartment or small workspace or tidy office. Comes with 2 unopened ink cartridges in addition to the 2 inside it currently–the new ink alone is worth at least $20.

Kensington swivel laptop stand with powered USB hub

Kensington Laptop StandKensington Laptop Stand in Use

This isn’t really a peripheral, but it’s very handy. It even has a clip on the front for papers. Raises your laptop to eye level and allows you to swivel it to show to other people. Extra USB ports in the back expand your connectivity.

If any of the above appeals to you, contact me! Peripherals for you means

  • http://www.erinfeldman.wordpress.com erin

    CanoScan Lide30 does this work with mac? BTW love your work.

  • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

    the installation CD says it works with Mac OS 9 and OS X. You can find more drivers here: http://software.canon-europe.com/products/0000466.asp

  • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

    Also, thank you :)