Experimentation with transparent comic backgrounds

This is a new comic I made, part of the next series of Rachel the Great comics. It’s got a transparent background to let the site’s color shine through. This gives me essentially three colors to work with, black, white, and the background color of the site it’s on. The tricky part while designing it is to make sure that it looks good on both dark and light backgrounds. Anyway, enjoy the sneak peek! It’s based on a true story. If you don’t work with marketers, you may never have heard these phrases before. Thank goodness. These are buzzwords at their finest.

Marketer's Dictionary comic

And here it is with a dark background I added with CSS only:
Marketer's Dictionary comic

And here it is with a colorful background, also shining through the transparent pixels:
Marketer's Dictionary comic

It think it’s safest to put a contrasting border on any free-standing text, like the title and indicia.

Anyway, hope you think it’s neat! I could see lots of fun uses for this.

  • http://williamsbloodyhell.com williamthebloody

    oooh! the end result is even more amazing that what i was imagining! you really did something amazing with the first and last panels for the transparent effect! and that liney effect in panel 4 really does the trick! i’d like to see if you can apply the transparent background effect to another comic just to see whether or not it is practical or more trouble than it is worth…

  • http://littlezotz.wordpress.com Lauren

    I personally prefer the first version–the one with the transparent background.