Happy Home and Facebook Exodus

Celebrating our second anniversary

August 3rd marked Joe and my second anniversary together! It’s been a rough two years. Last year around this time, my husband was valiantly nursing me back to health after my jaw surgery. I was too sick to celebrate. I think we just cuddled and watched Avatar: the Last Airbender episodes. Honestly, I don’t remember. The pain meds ate my memory.

So this year we were determined to mark the event! I bought two little bottles of champagne and a mora berry cake from the bakery. We went to Sawasdee for Thai dinner and had the treats when we got home. It was a small but nice way to recognize the date in busy, hectic times :)

A momentary jaw setback

Speaking of jaw surgery, I’ve had a relapse. For the past three or four weeks I’ve been experiencing pain and popping in my trick joint. I think I slipped a tendon. Both my ortho and my surgeon concur that I’m to eat mush and take ibuprofen until things get better. Tendons heal slowly, but they do heal. For the first two weeks I was almost in tears because I thought I had ruined my jaw in spite of surgery, but things have started progressing. Slowly, gently, surely.

Facebook Exodus

Today I finished cleaning house on Facebook. Truth is, I had way too many acquaintances and fans friended. It made it hard to keep up with my local and close friends who use Facebook, because there would be so many posts in the news feed, I just couldn’t wade through it all. Also, I have tied my Twitter account to my Facebook profile, which means that I’m flooding other people’s news feed with tweets about HTML and UX and “where’s my damn cup of tea?!”

So I went through my friends list and sent everyone notes to follow my comics through my fan page before doing any un-friending. That way, they can just get updates about comics and art and stuff without having to wade through all my web development-related posts :) I tried not to hurt any feelings, and so far everyone’s been really chipper about it!

Home Improvement

IKEA lamps

Not too long ago we made a trip to IKEA and got some curtains for the bedroom and two lamps to ease eye strain in the living room. This picture shows my hubby enjoying the warm glow of our $27 lamps. Cozy.

  • http://www.bigdesignmachine.net Marty Lavender

    Whats really funny about this is the fact that we have 2 of the same exact lamps sitting in our garage right now :P

  • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

    Are you using them, or are you waiting to get around to assembling them? I kid you not, these are the happiest darn lamps we’ve ever used.

  • http://www.bigdesignmachine.net Marty Lavender

    We bought them when we bought our house. They sat in this one spot, assembled mind you, for the longest time with no bulbs in them. Then we got a second dog and she decided she liked power cords. She chewed through one…hence their placement in the garage. Once I fix the broken one, they will get put to use!!