Mystical pregnancy in science fiction and fantasy.

I found this video via Diana McQueen on Google+:

I wonder if we had more female writers if we’d see a “mystical erection” trope, where something bad/awe-inspiring happens every time the male character in question ejaculates. Oglaf is totally going there. (Oglaf _is_ written by a woman after all…)

But srsly. Why do writers feel compelled to impregnate female characters willy nilly with terrible things? It’s uncomfortable for me as a female viewer, and it helps perpetuate “pregnancy as punishment” and “pregnancy is no biggie” attitudes.

  • Falcon Whitaker

    You know, this probably explains a few aspects of my phobias of pregnancy and childbirth…

  • Ash.Rain

    I’d have to agree with Falcon Whitaker. I used to have nightmares about being impregnated; what with my childhood steeped in the SciFi genre these story patterns may well have crept into my sub-conscience and current adult life views. Unsettling.

  • / Janne

    I always did have a nagging feeling about those silly sci-fi pregnancies. ESPECIALLY the ones who pass in, what, half a day? If you were to grow a child in 24 hours your entire body would suffer from it. I mean, nine months of nutrients and energy drained from you in 24h? Wow.

  • Lindsey Hart

    Now I’m thinking about the whole “immaculate conception” dealio in Star Wars– was it really necessary for Darth Plagueis to magically impregnate Shmi via midichlorians??

  • Diaz Bishop

    I’m actually kind of thinking about Twilight, sorry Twilight fans but the fact she got pregnant through some weird twist on vampire lore that just weirded me out and got her pregnant for plot-wise.