Almost reposted all the archives–then what?

I’m a few weeks away from finishing reposting all the comics I’ve ever made. Question is… what happens next?

The comics I’ve been drawing lately have been really nerdy. The comics I’ve been writing are also really nerdy. I like it. I’m inspired. And while I have a plot that is less nerdy, the nerdy factor is still going to be high. You might not know what I’m talking about or making fun of sometimes. So I wonder if I should just leave those comics on my web development site.

Then there’s the questions of updates. I’m not going to post a page a week. I’m probably going to hit you with complete stories as I finish them, be they one page or five, in no predictable fashion. So how will you know when new comics go up? Should I offer a mailing list to subscribe to like I used to? Should I depend on you following Tuna on Twitter? RSS feeds? What?

Let me know your thoughts, oh gentle reader of mine.

  • williamthebloody

    if an update gets tweeted on your Crowchick account, i will read it. i’m on twitter just about everyday, and even when i’m not, i go back and read the tweets i missed. however, i don’t read my email nearly as often. but i want to read your comics. all of them. i do not care how nerdy they are ;-)

  • Tasha

    I used Google Reader to manage all my blogs and RSS feeds and would prefer that over twitter (where I find it hard to keep up to date) or email (too much volume). And I’m totally down with nerdy!

  • Rembrand

    I follow along via RSS and Twitter but the RSS seems more useful. Too many updates on Twitter to see them all.

  • Falcon Whitaker

    I just visit the website every single day – I have in my webcomics bookmark. And I read xkcd: nerdy is fine by me XD

    • Rachel the Great

      Yeah, unfortunately, I’m not going to be posting regularly anymore :(

  • Rose of Love

    Facebook updates? that’s how i remember to keep coming back to this website to read your comics