Never before seen (online) comics–Should I post them?

The cover to the graphic novel, 18 Revolutions

So back when I was 19 I self-published a graphic novel, 18 Revolutions. It collected every single comic I’d made before turning 19. Many of them were either never put online, or have been taken down and washed away by the waves of Internet time (or something).

Tuna asks incredulously, You-you're accessorizing with condoms?

This image has nothing to do with anything. I just found it on my hard drive and thought it was awesome.

I have no plans to reprint the graphic novel, and I am thinking about putting the comics up for everyone to read. There’s a lot of Tuna and Bob in these early comics.

So, do you want to read them?

  • williamthebloody

    why would you deny any of your comics to the world? to posterity?? granted it would make me feel all special and elitist for actually owning a copy of 18 Revolutions. hm. yes. don’t post them so i can continue to feel special. >.>’
    or do post them so the world can feel special. whichever.

  • Colleen

    Yes, you definitely should. I also have a copy, but you should post everything!!! I’ve read every comic and I can’t wait to read them all again!!

  • Rachel the Great

    William, heh, I always thought that be refusing to put them online I was giving the printed copies more value. But now I wonder if it just means the earlier body of my work is doomed to rot away with the rest of printed materials.

    I think it’s awesome you guys both have copies. That’s so great!

  • Amanda The Great

    Please post all your comics, Rachel. They’re all so amazing ; ^ ;

  • Taslasness

    Yes! Please post your comics. I love your work.

  • Joamette Gil

    Who on earth would say no? =)

  • reggie

    definitely yes! :D

  • Rachel Anne

    Please please PLEASE do!

  • Rosie


  • Rachel the Great

    Your wishes were my command! I have put all the comics up in the archive. Enjoy!