My face after surgery.

I had my long-awaited and much anticipated cross bite correction surgery last summer. It was a very big ordeal, and it cost a lot of money. I’m very thankful to my husband for looking after me before and after surgery and to all my supportive friends and fans who pitched in so I could afford to get it done. Even with your contributions, my insurance coverage and my entire FLEX account, the surgery initially licked my savings clean. And I had saved a lot of money freelancing over three years. So thanks. Couldn’t have done it without you!

I’ve only just started recognizing myself in the mirror again. The changes to my face shape are very small, but I have trouble recognizing people’s faces. I had this done last summer, so it’s been awhile. I’m happy to finally see myself in the mirror again. Here are before and after pictures:

My face before surgery.

Me, bloodied in bandages in a hospital bed, giving a thumbs up, immediately after jaw surgery.

Immediately after surgery

Me recovering from jaw surgery, face swollen disproportionately, propped up sideway on pillows in bed.

Recovering from surgery.

My new hair cut

My face today.

And good news! My braces come off on May 11th (god willing and the creek don’t rise, as my mum would say)!

  • nora-belle

    WOW! You look great! :D I remember reading your comics all the way back years ago when I was a wee little high school student, and how your teeth was a big topic. As a college student, I’m still glad to see everything has worked out in the favor of one of my favorite comic artists! I’m super happy for you! :D

  • Lauren

    Looking good, Rachel! :) It’d be super awesome to get another picture of you and Joe at that same table at the Pinhook though…

  • Rembrand

    Wonderful to hear you’re doing fine after all the trouble! *thumbs up*

  • Maria Luisa Rosales

    Hi Rachel :) I used to read your comics from like, a really long time ago. Today I remembered the adventures of Rachel and Tuna and I searched you on google to check out your new comics and stuff. I saw your surgery photos and guess what? I had the exact same surgery on march 4th. What a coincidence! I’m so glad you’re good, you look so pretty :) I hope to see new comics from you soon, cause I have read them all. Bye! ^^

  • Rachel the Great

    Hey Maria! I am so happy for you getting your surgery! Wow, you must be going through a lot right now. I remember being sickly and in pain all too well. Thank you for checking in! I post comic pages every night, so keep checking back. Some you may have read already, but a lot of these were only published in print or were lost online.

    Take care, congrats and good luck!