Comic Posted Every Night

Just a heads up that I’m posting a comic every night to help fill the archives as quickly as possible. There are a lot of comics to upload! While I’m uploading them all, I’m writing new ones. Is there anything you would like to see more of?

  • Lindsey

    More Tuna is ALWAYS welcome. :P

  • Nessa

    I’d love to see more of Olivia (or whoever the Gothic girl was), and maybe Brenda. I’d also like to see Sparrow and see if karma gets to her.

    Maybe how you’re doing now would be great, as well.

  • reggie

    your office adventures, and what you have been up to during your hiatus in comic form :)

  • Rachel the Great

    I like the way you guys are thinking :) I will definitely be sure to finish up where I left off. I kinda left things hanging with Sparrow…. But after I finish telling that story, I’d like to tell the new story of Rachel, the young web designer!

  • Ale

    I’d love it if you pick up things where you left them, i used to read gurl just because of your comics! Of course i wanna read about Rachel the young web designer also! By the way Tuna is great!

  • Alison

    Just letting you know, I’m planning on submitting an essay which includes your old website as a reference as it was essentially the first contributing factor to my current study of subcultures ^-^