Braces off (among other things)!

I got my braces off week before last! It was not a pleasant process. The woman removing them was not especially, erm, delicate. I remember her remarking, “Oh, you got your feeling back!” as I winced and squeaked. Those lower front teeth hate being touched. I had to bite down on some cotton to get through it. But here they are!

Me with no more braces!

Now THAT'S a pretty smile!

I am very happy to have them off. I’ve looked all over for some Wise White Cheddar Popcorn to gorge myself on, but none is to be found in this area! So sad. There really isn’t anything that compares.

I pick up my retainer on Thursday, and I’ll have to wear it 24/7 for a while, so I must wish these few weeks of oral freedom goodbye soon.

Some artwork I did

Shoujo Justice by ~rachelthegreat on deviantART

This is me as a Magical Girl defeating my ultimate nemesis (in web design), Rounded Corners. Seriously, why do people love rounded corners so much? It’s a fad, like shiny buttons.

MY first flat tire in my smart car

My smart car got a flat tire on Thursday, by the by. smart sent me a free tow and everything! You can read more about getting a flat and getting the smart car towed on my smart blog.

  • Bookspread

    But… you have rounded corners everywhere! In the “Post Comment” button and the “Breaking News” box.

  • Rachel the Great

    Yes, but I’m using them as accents (not as containing elements for everything on the page), and they look like squares in IE <9.

    I acknowledge that I am using them as a crutch. I didn’t have time to finish the design before launch, and the corners helped make the roughness of the site look better. Most rounded corners are used as crutches for designs that would otherwise not pop.

    Future versions will be pointier and rectify my hypocrisy. Promise.

  • J

    Hehe, getting your braces off feels slimy and weird but great at the same time, doesn’t it? It looks really good!