U-streaming tonight at 8pm EST!

Tonight at 8pm EST, I’ll be U-streaming at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rachel-the-great. Come join me as I finish this art!

In progress artwork




Sigh… Why do all the cool people (you, Neil Gaiman…) insist on live-streaming when I have to sleep.

If you record it and post it later, though, I and all your Eurofans will be happy to comment at a more reasonable time. :-)

Rachel the Great

What’s the time difference again? 6 hours in the future?

I meant to record the session, but I didn’t realize ustream expected me to press “record.” So the session was lost to the Internet. Also, uStream has severe lag issues. Methinks that while Ustream has some nice bits, I will keep doing livestreaming.

I need a mac compatible web cam, too, so I can record drawing at my board, not just online.

Rachel the Great

Well, it looks like I’ll be going again this weekend. What times are good for Brits?


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