A Brief History of Grifonton, Page 18

Everything that follows is original 2005 commentary except where noted “–RN 2012″:

The picture of the children crawling all over the huge Gryphon was the first image of the Gryphon that popped into my head when I first thought of the story.

You realize I was still working even though 24 hours were over, right?

The size reference notes were put there because I was sleepy from 24 hours of caffeine-induced pseudo-alertness, and they seemed hysterical at the time. I imagine sleepy humor is much like drunken humor or drugged humor: It makes no sense when you are back in your right mind. I had wanted to add “do not eat!” to the “not actual human” statement, and now I have no idea why.

The GryphonMaybe so Gryphon readers wouldn’t attack their monitors?

I like how the Gryphon gets larger with aggression and smaller with gentleness. I wonder if there was a time when she was gigantic immediately after the crisis, like a demigod on earth? –RN 2012

Suggested listening: “I Feel Loved” by Depeche Mode

  • Sakebottleswing

    I love the panel with the children playing on the Gryphon’s back. They all look so happy!