The Bryces Go Shopping, Page 1

This comic I originally made for my graphic novel 18 Revolutions did end up on eventually. Yes, that is Hot Topic. It was my favorite store when I was a teen.

(Designers, I see you laughing at my fonts. I was 18, and I liked variety.)

  • Lauren

    This is what I remember Hot Topic being like.

    Ramiro and I like to joke that, in the old days, we didn’t shop at Hot Topic because it was too cool for us; and, these days, we don’t shop at Hot Topic because we’re too cool for them! Never thought we’d see the day…

  • sewthernbelle

    I have a feeling you were also writing about your own experiences shopping with your mom weren’t you? Weren’t you? Come on fess up. Admit it. Admit! lol j/k ;)

    • Rachel the Great

      Actually, sewthernbelle, my mom loved Hot Topic. I based Olivia’s mom on a friend’s mother. I met the young lady when I was staying with a childhood friend in Pennsylvania. Her mother was very strictly Christian, and it was hard for her daughter to express herself. We were lucky. Our mothers didn’t try to dissuade us from buying big boots!