The Bryces Go Shopping, Page 2

Olivia was a character from a comic series I wrote called The Toad Prince. You could say these comics were an exercise in building her and her mom’s character dynamics. I never did get to pitch the series. It fell apart after the fly by night publisher did. That happened a lot in comics. But I always held onto my characters and materials.

So, who remembers bondage pants? I never wore any. But I always thought they looked cool and butch if not a bit silly.

  • sewthernbelle

    you’ll be happy to know they still sell them at Hot Topic…right next to all the Johnny Depp merchandise. ;) lol

  • Julia

    Olivia is cool, her mother is precious, and that sales clerk is probably the biggest sis (as in sister, not sissy, I JUST DIDN’T WANNA CALL HER A BRO) that ever walked the earth she’s just awesome for that save. I love the Olivia comics!

  • Takaal

    Yep, they still sell them.

    I’m waaaaay past the legit Hot Topic age – and I can still freak my mom out just by walking in the door. Some things never change!!

  • Sakebottleswing

    It’s been said before, but I’m sad with Hot Topic nowadays. They seem to be moving away from selling “goth” clothing and now have more skinny pants and franchised merchandise than corsets or fancy boots.

    • Rachel the Great

      Yeah, Hot Topic is kind of creepy when I go into our local one–dark and full of cheap stuff. I can’t find the comics, books, mags, music that I used to thrive on. Or maybe my tastes have changed.