Atrophy, Page 3

8 grams of fiber? Outrageous! Heh, Kashi’s “Good Friends” was my favorite cereal. I love the photos of two friends (portrayed by actors, naturally) they put on the box. I scanned and used it here for poignancy.

I still feel envious of people who have tight longterm friends. But as I get older, I realize that many of those friendships, like romances, change and sometimes break as people grow older and in opposite directions. I’d still love to have a BFF, but I realize it’s unrealistic. I have loads more cool nerd girl friends now. That makes me happy, even if we aren’t going to be friends till the last Thelma and Louise moment.

  • Sakebottleswing

    My “best friend” is someone I grew close to when I was in middle school, and we became like sisters. We don’t get to see each other very often due to our busy lives, and she’s moving far away soon, but she will always be part of my life.

  • Lauren

    That’s a real cereal?! I thought you made that up! lol. Must be exclusive to the East Coast or something.

    • Rachel the Great

      Dude, Kashi cereal is the BEST. You might have to go to a Target or a health food store to find it in your area. But it’s a big brand!

  • sewthernbelle

    I just thought kashi came out a few years ago. And it’s weird it used to have pictures ilke that on the box. now they tend to play up the health angle more.

  • Rose of Love

    ugh i know how that is…I’ve NEVER had that number one best friend relationship. Wish I did.