Crow Princess, Page 2

I wanted to paste the text for these wordy pages into the comments section so it would be more accessible/legible, but I cannot find the source files for these anymore. I hope I can locate them! But who knows what hard drive I stashed them on during all that moving?

  • Hiratchi

    A Note from the Author

    Dear Reader,

    This is a modern fairytale. It is not autobiographical, although I did draw heavily from my experiences in grade school for some of the earlier scenes. It is a story for all those who have ever felt like they didn’t belong. For the dreamers who wish that faeries would still hide in flowerbeds and for the night owls who listen for the howls of werewolves, I created this book.

    Above all, I made this book because I love crows. Ravens and hawks are so much more popular in these days of Wiccans and Native American Culture enthusiasts. nobody takes notice of the beautiful crows who live all around us. I hope after you read this, you will have a new appreciation for these black, raucous birds.

    Please enjoy
    Rachel Nabors

    • Rachel the Great

      Thanks so much for transcribing all of these! I appreciate your dedication!