Crow Princess, Page 29

I know she’s my character and all, but I really loathe Lynette. She is such a bad mother. Woman needs to see a psychologist. I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this, but in case I haven’t:

After preproduction on the graphic novel was finished, my mom was reading it and noticed that Lynette had a lot in common with my father in that she denies that she is the parent of her child. My father and I have never spoken, and he has never replied to my letters. When I looked again I realized she was right.

  • Mike South

    Wow. What a thing to not notice until you’d written the whole thing!

    Also I think it’s really great that you are able to share it. It’s obviously something you have every right to conceal if you wish, but for readers, it adds depth to the story to know that. (well, the “story/artist ensemble” or whatever you call the whole conglomeration of the story itself and everything you understand to be connected to it).

    • Rachel Nabors

      Since I posted that commentary so long ago, I’ve had a falling out with my mother. Looking at this character again, with emotional distance, I can say that there’s a lot of my mother’s worst days of depression in here.

      I would like to tell stories of my own again, but seeing how much is in these old ones that I just wasn’t aware of writing, I’m a bit frightened of what I might create unawares. Stories are powerful for readers. That’s a lot of responsibility.