Crow Princess, Page 37

I always wondered if Branwen was turning into a human, like if she was a “were-human” and Cora was a “were-crow.” I don’t think I could keep pushing that under the rug if this had become a series.

Top panel I loved drawing, but looking at it now, it feels very blah. I would have made it a black background with the crows coming out of it into the white foreground to frame her, nixed the lone tree, and done something more extreme with the camera angle, maybe take it into the air and point down at her shoulder. Ah, hindsight.

Branwen looks great in panel four, even if she is missing her feet. They were just gonna get in the way. She’s totally levitating. Totally. Crow powers. And in the last panel, I messed up Cora’s hand, ruining it for me. So glad I can draw hands a little better now.