Crow Princess, Page 6

You’ve probably noticed the moire patterns in this comic by now. I used tones to add the grey areas of the comic, tones that print as black dots. But when you shrink them down to put online, they make weird patters. If I can ever find the original files, I would consider re-doing this with greys that don’t make patterns and make a proper digital edition if I were to publish it for eReaders.

Two carefully placed things to observe here:

  1. The mother is single. She’s not Mrs. Wood, she’s Ms. Wood.
  2. She calls her baby “it” not “her.”
  • Hidle

    Single motherhood’s becoming a rather popular trend these days, but I could be wrong… :/

    Really admire your works so much, keep up the good work! ^//w//^

    • Rachel the Great

      My mom was a single mother. I see plenty of women making it work. I wonder how their daughters will turn out? Maybe they will believe they can do anything! That they don’t need a man in their life unless they want him there–including if they decide to start a family!