Going Gothic, Page 3

More Comic Sans! This was from before it was uncool to use it, so no hating!

  • pedestrian

    A Bronx cheer to all the haters and complainers!

    I keep my old Mac G3 running just so I can use Chicago Font for writing in AppleWorks. It is so clear and sharp for my poor old eyes, no matter the scaling.

  • Sakebottleswing

    What was Meg planning to do with the Band-aids and dental floss?

    • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

      There’s a scene in “6 Days 7 Nights” where the heroine asks Harrison Ford, “Aren’t you one of those guys? You know, one of those guy-guys where you give them a pocket knife and a q-tip and they build you a shopping mall?” I think that’s what Meg was getting at here.