The Perfect Smile, Page 7

You really do need to get your wisdom teeth out before you get braces.

  • Falcon Whitaker

    I had braces when I was in my early teens, but it was mostly because a) I have a pretty big over-bite from sucking my thumb as a kid, and b) I had a canine tooth that was half way up my gum because it had no room in my mouth. The second one is fixed and my teeth look pretty okay in that respect now, but the first one would have required surgery and as it would have been purely cosmetic (it doesn’t affect my jaw or how I eat or cause me pain in any way), we decided not to go for it.

    I kinda wish I’d had braces on my bottom teeth as well, though. I have an incisor and a canine on the bottom that make a right angle against each other and it’s really hard to clean them properly because of it. Ah well. Que sera sera.

    Interestingly enough, I didn’t have my wisdom teeth out before I got braces and they ended up not having enough room either and cause me problems. Man, teeth: they’re just out to get you, aren’t they?