A Brief History of Grifonton, Page 16

Everything that follows is original 2005 commentary except where noted “–RN 2012″:

Notice the Marilyn Monroe reference with the kilt. Sadly, I was too rushed to draw it well, and many people have overlooked it.

The line about the limp hair and shampoo was supposed to be a humorous reference to a sort of owner/pet or master/servant relationship. Imagine if you could talk to your dog. “Butch, what’s wrong? Your coat is so dull and lifeless. Have you been eating your new kibble like a good dog?” Look at her nuzzling his head! Originally I drew her playing with his hair in her beak, but it looked too weird (like she was eating his head).

The GryphonHeh, I loved sniffing his hair. And look at his exposed shoulder? With his head bowed like that? Mraow!

Suggested listening: “Blue Dress” by Depeche Mode