Atrophy, Page 13

This was another “jump” page that would great you when you turned the page. It’s entirely in ink wash, indicating a final break with reality. Yep, the ink splatters on the wrist suggest suicide or cutting. I was never suicidal. I was much too motivated. But if I were another person… well, I gave it another person’s ending.

My favorite (and anonymous) comment on this from

This is not a comic where to main character suddenly finds happiness, and that is what shocked me. She is left alone, not miraculously saved by love or finds a true friend…she is all alone. There’s a part of her in all of us. She is the part we don’t want to acknowlegde, but we feel her pain in us. When we have secrets and burdens we feel nobody can lift, she is there. And we retreat into ourselves and hide. This is so real. It’s all of us at one point or another.