Crow Princess, Page 15

My mom used to use the phrase “your own little world” or “lala land” whenever she got cross with me for drifting off. I resented this immensely.

I’m still very good at subconsciously tuning people out as soon as I get bored with the conversation. It’s something I have to work hard to overcome during meetings, and in conversation, I will switch topics or physically leave.

I must be vigilant that I don’t monolog so much people start tuning me out!

  • Julie

    I find it funny that you resented the phrases “your own little world” or “lala land”, whereas I embraced it. I would shrug my shoulders if someone said that to me, I often preferred coming up with new story ideas and fleshing them out in my head, instead of hearing a friend blather on about something I wasn’t interested in. I’m quick to disrespect someone if they’re disrespecting me; i.e., talking about something to me I’ve already told them I’m not interested in hearing about. I guess it’s a bad habit, but if you can’t fit into your memory that I don’t care to hear about something, then I won’t give you the light of day.

    I had a friend who was like that in high school too and I could tell when she was tuning me out when I forgot she didn’t want to hear about something. Often, while she was tuning me out, she’d start to write stories in a notebook, which is a pretty big hint! Rather than getting mad, I apologized and we talked about something else and our relationship was more real than many other friendships that I had in high school.