Crow Princess, Page 41

So sorry all this text is in an image. I can’t find the original documents or I’d be pulling it out and putting it in HTML, pinky promise!

I replaced the “white knight” with a “white crow”–”Branwen” meaning “white raven!”

Ah, if only I’d been/had a better artist. A publisher might have picked up these stories.

  • Julia

    I’M SO SATISFIED I’VE WAITED YEARS TO READ THIS COMIC GEEZ I’M SO PLEASED. Thank you for posting it :D I know it has been years but if you ever feel a muse for it, I’d love to see more Cora and Branwen. They have slipped their way on to my OTP list for sure. You’re amazing.

  • sewthernbelle

    I bet you like the movie Brave then. The animators tried really hard to break the fairytale mold with that one.

  • Hiratchi

    A Final Note

    When I first dreamed up Crow Princess, the story was a boy and girl fantasy. A handsome Crow Prince rescued Cora from Lynette. However, as I tried to flesh out the story, I realised that I was creating a cookie cutter fairytale in which the damsel depends on some night in shining armour to whisk her away from her predicament.

    I just couldn’t do it. It would be lying. Here’s the hard truth: there are no knights in shining armour. This is the real world where girls have to rescue themselves or each other. Well, maybe there are a few knights out there, but you cannot wait around for them to free you from the dragon. You have to break your own bonds and do it yourself. I’m sorry to shatter that Fairytale Truth that all little girls are taught by bedtime stories and Disney cartoons.

    In defiance of my ingrained “Sleeping Beauty Complex,” I choose to refuse the mythological White Knight and replace him with Branwen. It changed the story incredibly. Now Cora and Branwen are literally soul sisters, and the closeness between them could never have developed believably between a boy and a girl in such a manner. “We just met, but I’m in love with you already!” In the end, I was just happy for Cora to have a friend at last. It was not nice to have things like “marriage” and “love” hanging over their heads. They love each other. We know that. It’s Soul Love, though, the kind that never dies.

    I have many stories left to tell about Cora and Branwen. Depending on how you readers respond, I may yet draw them. Consider Dropping by my site at to tell me what you think.

    I hope this helps