The Wind, Page 4

I remember the local No Shame Theatre did a piece about the shooting and the cell phones of the victims. As soon as the word got out that a shooting had happened, people started calling everyone they knew at Virginia Tech to see if they were all right. So the first responders who were picking through the dead and injured were surrounded by a chorus of ringtones, never to be answered, singing the fallen off to the edge. It was a very moving performance and something I had not thought about.

And yes, that woman did say that. And I thought her all too happy given the circumstances. But then, I often do not show appropriate levels of grief myself, so I cannot be one to judge.

This comic was drawn in blue line, which I sketched over. I scanned the boards and knocked out the blue. My favorite thing about this comic is the swirlies representing hair, water, and wind. They are some of my favorite things to draw, but it’s hard to find an appropriate window to use them.

The Wind, Note