Olivia’s New Stockings, Page 3

This is the last non-Rachel the Great comic I made for gURL.com. Wow… what a lot of comics!

So fun trivia time! That is the same stuffed cat from Atrophy and Stupid Male Incident 1 (read the commentary for her story). Her name was Senorita Gato.

The image on Olivia’s lunchbox is the infamous Depression Pony you saw Tuna riding in Rachel’s Magical Bosom. If you squint, that’s Rachel the Great riding it. When I was feeling down, I used to say, “I’m riding the depression pony.” Here’s the source art. I wanted to make a postcard or something with it, but then I was moving, and I never got to it.

It’s the Depresssion Pony!

  • Jada