A Christmas Quarrel, Page 2

Augh, look at that horrible soft, round Photoshop brush and those pale greys I was so fond of. It would be a few years before I discovered how much more impactful cel-shading was. Also, I didn’t have a graphic tablet at this point, so I didn’t have the fine control over lines that you need to do cel shading right.

See how I’m setting Sparrow up as a spoiled, tarty brat? At first she was just a punching bag for me to take my frustrations out on. I had plans to mature her in the second series. But now I wonder if that’s the natural course for her personality. I thought these girls would disappear or mature as we all grew older, but I still run into one on occasion.

This comic was originally published on gURL.com as part of one of their Christmas specials.