Stupid Male Incident #1, Cover

Now you get the real back story on why Rachel is at odds with Sparrow and Bob! I made the comic as a first issue for publication in a manga-zine that never got off the ground. I was sad about that, but it was through that failed project that I first met my fellow comicker and friend-of-a-lifetime, Leigh Dragoon.

This was also my first, and very worst, attempt at designing a logo by hand. I’m sorry.

  • williamthebloody

    oh, designing logos by hand! i have much experience in sucking at that! as well as any form of hand-lettering. my handwriting cannot stay tidy for long and if i try too hard, you can totally see where i start and stop and pause with the pen/marker. no, it wasn’t pretty. not at all.
    glad to know it wasn’t just me ;-)

  • Steven D.

    been a LONG time since i’ve seen these original comics, Rachel. very enjoyable reading your thoughts looking back!

  • J

    Wow! It’s been ages since I last read your comics. It’s good to see you came back. Especially since you were pretty much my inspiration to start drawing myself. I guess it’s been about 4 or maybe even 5 years since then…Wow!

  • Rachel the Great

    Yeah, it’s been forever, right? I’m glad you started drawing comics. It is a handy skill!

  • J

    Hehe! I’m even doing a collab with a rather amazingly talented friend of mine. It’s so much fun to make up characters and a nice plot line!