A Christmas Quarrel, Page 1

At this point, two things were happening. gURL.com was commissioning more comics like this one (which is still featured in their Christmas specials) on a more regular basis, and I was also working on my first self-published graphic novel, 18 Revolutions.

Notice that I’ve settled into using Comic Sans for all my text at this point, no longer fooling with Dom Casual. I can sense the font geeks poking their eyes out. But hey, even Penny Arcade’s early comics used Comic Sans. It would be awhile before I could afford to buy a real typeface for lettering.

This comic introduces one of my favorite recurring characters, the Nice Old Woman (abbreviated in scripts as N.O.W.). I don’t know if she ever got a name. But she was awesome to Rachel the Great.

This comic was originally published on gURL.com as part of one of their Christmas specials.

  • Sam

    Is Brenda a virgin just because she is a lesbian? Lesbians have sex. A penis is not required to have sex or ‘lose your virginity’.

  • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

    They’re all pretty young in this, so she might just not have gotten around to it yet. Kinda hard to meet nice girls in small rural communities (I should know!).

    Even so, I believe the Nice Old Woman is operating on the definition that virginity is lost when a penis is inserted into a vagina, and Brenda definitely never was into guys that way.