Things That Rub Me the Wrong Way: Swapping Spit, Page 1

It still amazes me how people don’t think twice about passing a glass or bottle around. The human mouth is a cesspool of bacteria and viruses, not all of which exhibit symptomatically. Even if the contents are alcoholic (which one might assume would kill invaders), it’s still dicey. After all, labs don’t spritz petri dishes with alcohol to sterilize them.

  • Lauren

    I always had problems with that too! To be honest, I didn’t even like kissing that much either (for similar reasons) until I met my guy.

  • Jeanne

    I have the same issue! I didn’t share with my kids or anyone else except, on *very* rare occasions, my husband. I figure I’m already dying of whatever he has so as long as it’s one sip, I’m okay. Double dipping? He’d get the whole dip/guac/whatever and a really icy stare.

  • J-Kwez

    Tis the amazingness of the hummin immune system, ‘slong as it doesn’t get into your blood you’ll be fine.