Things That Rub Me the Wrong Way: Swapping Spit, Page 2

I have always had issues with significant others on this. It’s one thing for me to choose not to share drinks. It’s another when your date shares a glass with someone then kisses you. I find this intolerable. Not many people can relate. Choosing not to share drinks is like spraying L on the kitchen countertops after cooking: plenty of folks don’t care. They never got sick from making a sandwich on the same surface they used to cut salami a day ago, or at least they didn’t realize the connection if they did. To them, you’re the obsessive compulsive clean freak. So maybe when you’re not looking, they’ll keep doing it. You angst that eventually you will both die of food poisoning.

For the record, I stopped drinking after my mother around age thirteen. I am a freak. So there.

  • Falcon Whitaker

    I don’t think you’re a freak. Other people are just filth-buckets ;P

  • Lauren

    I agree with above comment. Or below. Wherever my post ends up in relation to Falcon’s post.

  • Senyah

    I used to not drink after strangers but drink after my fam. Never again!! Unless it’s coca cola. Can’t resist it!

  • xero

    OOPS wrong! Mythbusters proved that double dipping transfers less contamination than there is active bacteria in dip to start with

  • http://IWISH! Reese76

    Yea I don’t drink after other people touch my drink, in the same manner I always asked for a New Gas Mask drinking tube when i was issued my gas masks from the Supply Depot. yea it pissed them off , but Hey, most likely that thing hasn’t been serviced since the FIRST Gulf War…