Things that rub me the wrong way: Bored People, Page 1

I never did finish writing that article, but I have the draft around here somewhere…

Jonas is the name of Sparrow’s mysterious boyfriend who we will not see for a long time! Ah-ha!

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  • Reggie

    When I clicked the link back to gurl, I was surprised to find most of the comics from the older gurl weren’t on the revamped site. In fact, the new gurl emphasized fashion and sex (facts/articles) rather than the comics, games, diy and general fast facts that used to rule gurl. what’s your opinion of this change?

    • Rachel the Great

      Yeah, I’ve been hassling them to transfer the missing comics over to the new site. gURL’s changed hands a lot. It’s not what it was. They have more frequently updated comics, but they feature them less and the quality is different. That’s probably because they are offering only 10-20% the pay for a comic that they did when I was making Rachel the Great comics for them. They’ve asked if I would be interested in making comics for them again. I’ve let them know that those prices are not reasonable, so no.

  • Reggie

    Ooooh, I see. I was also wondering, have you ever made or considered making a guide to make comics? I remember there was once a collab comic explaining how to get started.

    • Rachel the Great

      I have considered it, but there are some really good books on it already. I feel like I’d be repeating what has already been said!

  • pedestrian

    it’s tough with the all too common business model for websites.
    1) over promise how many eyeballing ad-clickers/subscribers are/will be available
    2)speculator invests to much money into purchasing a site and then panic when they realize that there will NOT be any of the expected ROI they had deluded themselves with.
    3)since there is so much under-priced/semi-free competing sites/products out there, no way to increase prices or ad revenue.
    4) which leaves drastic cost-cutting, lay-offs, delays paying contributors, delays paying bills. Go for liquidity what ever means necessary and damn the quality.
    5) start shopping around for some sucker to bullshit into replacing you as financier. Take the money and run like hell.