Why I Don’t Believe in Cars, Page 1

And to think, mere years after posting this comic, the American Big Car Market would collapse and need bailing out in an economic crisis and gas price surge. (That’s what we call “foreshadowing!”)

When I moved out on my own, I chose Roanoke over Floyd, Mt. Airy, and Christiansburg as my new home because it had the best bus system. I managed to go a whole year without a car, but I did have to get a motorcycle to get to my community college classes. See, you can be a total badass and future-friendly! My little Virago 250 went sixty miles on a single gallon.

Then I moved to Raleigh’s suburbs to live with my husband, then fiancé. You need a car to get around the Triangle. So I got a smart car! I want to live car-free again one day, but it will be a few years before we can make that move.

  • Senyah

    In this we do not agree. I want a car. I’m a 17 year old otaku that never leaves the house except to go to school. On rare occasions my dad will take me and my sister to the movies or somewhere else fun. We have to BEG just to get him to take us to the Library and Barnes and Noble, which are our two favorite places(also known as our happy places).

  • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

    I feel your pain, Senyah. I lived in rural Virginia where my mother discouraged me from driving because of the cost of gas. It was one of the deciding factors when I moved out on my own–to a city with public transit. Eventually I got a motorcycle when I needed to go places I could not reach on the bus.

  • http://IWISH! Reese76

    “The world will be saved by Steam !”
    And frame four is why I am in College to become an Auto Repair Mechanic, cause there will always be a need to work on cars of some shape or kind, be they Gas, Diesel, Hybrid, Electric or Steam Powered.