Noisy Nabors, Page 4

This is Bis:

I discovered them when I bought their album “The New Transistor Heroes” for $4 from a used CD rack at a music store in Radford. Bis also did the theme song to the Power Puff Girls:

I always loved their deeply irons lyrics that poke fun at the shallowness inherent in today’s celebrity. While they started as a punk band from Scotland, their sound ended up evolving into some rawkin’ synth pop before they split, all while maintaining this lack of guile:

And this is the Combichrist song:

  • ElectricHarpsichord

    While I really love this comic, and your comics in general, I reeeeally dislike the rape comment. :<

  • Rachel the Great

    Hey there! I was really sleep deprived when I wrote this, and I honestly don’t remember why I wrote that. Was it a lyric from a song? I don’t know, but it’s not something I’d write now. My apologies, good lady!