No Time for Boys, Page 1

When I lived on the mountain, home-schooled, I spent the last year of my education learning the fine points of Photoshop and Illustrator as well as honing my HTML skills. I considered my HTML skills secondary to my Photoshop skills, but it turned out HTML is where I found my career. I studied a lot. It paid off. I had no social life, though, which I regret a bit. I’m still socially awkward. But I didn’t waste any time at least.

Princess Tutu is an awesome anime you should watch if you love fairytales, crows, ballet, Tchaikovsky and other classical composers, Utena or Madoka or any story where a girl has the power to write her own destiny. It starts off as a snuggly “magical girl” story but quickly evolves into a drama. If you were a fairytale princess who could save her prince, you would do it, right? But what if it meant you were destined to die in the process? This was the first anime I watched that did not end the way I thought it would.

  • Luka

    I couldn’t help but notice that the roman numeral 4 is represented by IIII, and not IV, like most people know it as now. Was that just a subtle thing you threw in there?

    • Rachel the Great

      Argh, no, I hate that. I used an old photo from Morguefile and it had the numerals like that.

  • James

    Shout-out for Princess Tutu!

  • Ing. Luis Rojas

    I’m not the only one in this world :’) … Cheers Rachel! ^^

  • Kilo

    all i gots to say is WOOT for teh anime!!!! lol im big on Tutu Sailor moon and card captors!!!