Sparrow Speaks: She’s Just Not That into You, Page 1

More fodder for the Rachel-Bob shippers! Notice how I immediately squash what at first appears to be his tender honesty by exposing him as the horny jerk he really is. Take that, would-be happily ever after-ers! I seriously never gave his character a break. There was probably a little post-it above my desk reminding me that, “Bob must always lose. Always.”

I did read He’s Just Not That into You
 and it helped me come to terms why guys I liked didn’t seem to like me back. Unfortunately, it did not help me recognize when a guy actually did like me back, which lead to some hysterical, awkward, and rather tragic Adventures with the Opposite Sex which I quickly grew tired of before putting an end to all the tom-foolery and getting married to my now-husband.

Seriously. Dating is over-rated.

  • Lauren

    Tell me about it!! I am SO glad to not be dating anymore. And if my Ramiro dies before I do, I’m just going to give in and become a full-on cat lady (but hopefully neither of us will die for a LONG long time <3 ).

  • Kayla, Aspie Information Droid

    Oh my Bjork, there are other women who are cool with being a full-on cat lady? Sweet! Even though “Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham” was the silliest Batman elseworlds comic one could read, I do like the idea of being a superheroine cat lady with a cat cave filled with supah gadgets and cats. And Matt Smith (Doctor Who)/Ricardo Rodriguez (WWE)-Looking male maids. Rawr.

    Can you tell I’m a single white nerdy female? I think you can. :)