Invisible Lipgloss, Page 1

Woah, Rachel is off model in that middle row of panels. Eesh. I must have been pressed for time.

Oh, I know what happened! I was in the middle of a messy break up and a bit distracted. Well, it wasn’t messy. It was really clean. Or, I tried to make it that way. Alas, no one told me that “I don’t want to be your girlfriend anymore” no longer means “we’re not going out anymore.” Life lesson learned? When you break up with someone, make sure you don’t actually see them for six months. Get out of town, avoid them, anything. Otherwise, he might insist that you “just need some time to think” to his friends and try to turn friendly visits into intimate dates. Grr.

Of course, I never put this life lesson to use because I married the very next guy I dated :D That’s life for ya!

  • Lauren

    Hah! I learned that lesson the hard way too.

    Thank God we don’t have to deal with DATING anymore, right?!