You Might Be a Subculture of One If… 1

I used to keep all my comics on My mom came up with the name for the site after I decided to turn into a community/tutorial/news site and move my comics to a domain that focused just on me. She said, “You’re a subculture of one! Why don’t you use that?” (It was a few years later that I saw the phrase used on Emily the Strange merchandise at Hot Topic. I didn’t like that it might look like I was copying, but by that time I’d already set down roots at my URL and didn’t want to change. I figured any good catchphrase is probably already in use somewhere, so at least I knew who was already using mine.)

This was the first in a series of comics about being a “subculture of one.” I started making them to make fun of my own pretentiousness.

  • Rizu

    I didn’t notice until this reading, but I really like the borders of this comic. There’s so much cool stuff going on! I can see a chicken, a cat, a frog, the crow design, a couple of birds, and what looks like someone with fire on his head. Bitchin’ design!

  • Rachel the Great

    Hahaha! I meant it as a claw swipe (like a cat’s), but you’re right! It does look like a person with his head on fire!