Watching Science Fiction with Rachel the Great, Page 1

This is why I never got off on Star Wars.

  • Lindsey

    I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I always had these same complaints. I refuse to call it “science fiction,” because there’s nothing even remotely scientific about it. I prefer “space fantasy.” :P Don’t even get me started on the Asari from Mass Effect…

  • Lauren

    I always wondered that about clones too. I wish they’d do a movie where the clone was evil and it was that way because of a latent evil in the “good” guy he was cloned from…

  • quamp

    Okay, I can answer some of those questions…
    1. Clones may have all the exact genetic material of a person, but they don’t have certain other determiners of personality. These are things like life experiences. I’ve seen one or two that weren’t evil though.
    2. Why are most aliens are humanoid is based on market research. The fans respond most positively to aliens that appear humanoid. (It also lowers costs a bit in some cases as well.)
    3. One theory about large breasts is that men are genetically programmed to respond more positively to women that have large breasts. Personally, I find that it’s what’s in a woman’s soul that matters the most.

  • Senyah

    My dad has banned me from his room while science fiction. Even though I hate doing science in school, science (taught the right way) has always appealed to me. So if I see something in a movie or show that is supposed to be “science” fiction, I instantly criticize everything that isn’t scientifically correct. I figure if they don’t want people to complain about it, they should make it where the fact sounds factual and is believable and realistic. Or quit never to write science fiction again.