Watching Science Fiction with Rachel the Great, Page 2

Second panel is me whining about the spaceship designs in Star Wars. Urgh. Major usability flaws all over the tech in those movies.

The last panel is me whining about Stargate, a movie and series I love dearly, but couldn’t help but loathe for all the disbelief I had to suspend.

  • Lauren

    There’s a part of me that agrees with you on all points and another part of me that wants to sing you a certain line from the MST3K theme song… “Repeat to yourself ‘it’s just a show, I should really just relax.’” ;)

  • xero

    actually the exploitation thing is wrong you’re assuming that a space ships power core when ruptured wouldn’t explode in space because all fuel we have here on earth does but we honestly don’t no for sure it couldn’t happen Hell the sun is technically an explosion that’s feeding into it’sself and there an’t no fraking air on the sun. actually modern physiscs says that the ships on star trek don’t blow up big enough a matter antimater reaction should actually turn the enterprise into a micro sun…and a romulan warbird into a black hole

  • http://IWISH! Reese76

    Why do all star -ate “Aliens” speak English ? For that Matter why are 90% of all aliens are bipedial ? I mean after all we all cant be sleestacks !

  • J-Kwez

    I think fighter ships are designed like fight planes. They, for the most part if not the whole part, can’t fire backwards.