Stupid Male Incident #5, Page 2

I love fried chicken. But the bones on the chickens from the grocery stores are so weak, I can crunch them right up. You don’t notice how brittle they are until you’ve eaten a farm chicken. I used to raise chickens, and sometimes, yes, my mom and I would kill and eat one. It was always a lot of trouble, and we liked the chickens and their eggs more than the big scalding and plucking ordeal (after we removed poor chicky’s head, naturally). The bones on those birds were like beef bones, so hard even my dog couldn’t break them!

I get kind of crunchy when eating store chicken. The marrow is really good for you, as are the joints and connective tissues. Often I leave a pile of shards on my plate!

This is why I don’t eat chicken in public.

  • Hidle

    I love chicken too! CHICKEN POWER TO THE MAX! LOL XD