Paps Fear, Page 6

My nurse practitioner never did this to me, but I would have laughed if she had.

I planned on bringing this doctor back. Whenever Rachel went to see her, be it about birth control, yeast, anything sexual at all, the doctor would shout to the nurse, “SPECULUM!” I always felt like bringing up anything sexually related with my physician meant it was speculum time.

The joke is that this doctor loves speculums and has absolutely no shame about sex or naughty bits. It might as well be your nose. And she thinks noses are awesome.

Moral of the story: get your damn pap smear, ladies. Even if it is uncomfortable, it’s at least funny ;)

  • http://IWISH! Reese76

    In the Marines , the Navy Doctor that inspects you for STDs usually used a blood test. except for the first time, then they used a “small” lubed (year right) very long one ended Qtip to go down your urethra. for the life of me i dont remember exactly what STD that test was for but it was not fun. The venereal infection movie almost made me become a monk. I never contracted anything , thankfully . After the furor about having 8 year old girls in Texas forced to take the Gardsil shot, I went and got one, cause i did NOT want to become an HPV carrier. I mean its not like you can get HPV from the toilet seat. Honestly where do girls get HPV from if not from the idoits with a penis ?