Always Pack Protection, Page 2

That last panel is so adorable, it could stand alone. That’s a picture of a Greyhound bus from one of my actual Greyhound bus trips in the background. I scanned it and ran it through some Photoshop filters. Some might balk that it’s “cheating,” to which I can but ask, do you want me to tell the story now or do you want to wait until I learn how to draw buses?

  • TattooedHeart

    I support seeing-eye-cats!! xD

  • Lynne De Rien

    Oh my gosh, you are totally right! That last panel is wonderful. Make it into postcards, stickers, posters, and other fun stuff ^.^ It is too cute!

  • Senyah

    Buses are hard to draw. And as my American History teacher (yes I said teacher) once said: “It’s not cheating. It’s assisted production.” She also said: “it’s cooperative learning” when we did “group testing”.

  • Rachel the Great

    “Assisted production.” I like that. Sounds like your teacher is a fan of Andy Warhol. Also, group testing taught me one valuable thing: Don’t let your cohorts’ shit work drag the team down. Keep their asses in line.