Bush Gardens, Page 5

  • http://beardfluff.com Rembrand

    Very good point. Amanda Palmer has a good track record addressing the issue of body hair (and female beauty stereoptypes in general). I think her song ‘Map of Tasmania’ is one of the more brilliant things she’s ever written.
    That said, and knowing women got it a lot worse then men, I’ve noticed the anti-body hair shifting to men as well. I’m a rather hirsute dude myself and when I get remarks about it they’re usually negative.
    Also: is it me or does that guy have the bat-symbol on his chest. Because that is awesome!

  • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

    You’re right, it does look like a bat symbol! Haha!

    I think the anti-body hair movement is being pushed along by people who watch more porn than have actual sex. Real people have hair. Porn stars–who are paid to have sex, mind you, they’re professionals–shave body hair so viewers can see all the details in action.

    Maybe we need to sit on the couch watching porn less and make out more.

  • xero

    men started shaving because in WWII if the soldiers wern’t clean shaven there gas masks didn’t seal properly and they would you know DIE. for the record i’m a Harry sob and HATE it i’d get most of it lazered off if i could aford it

  • J-Kwez

    I plan on getting my body hair lasered off except for the face (I want the option to be a lumberjack). My mom thinks I’m weird.

  • Lala

    I’m pretty sure facial hair is not required for any profession.