Bush Gardens, Page 9

A commentor at gURL.com asked why Rachel didn’t wear the bikini top. I think she was just wallowing. I would have worn the bikini top with the shorts. But I guess I really wanted to use that “Slippery When Wet” shirt somewhere.

Damn that man is creepy. I think this guy represents all my fears of Creepy Old White Men. I had a phobia of old, pudgy white guys growing up because one got too “friendly” with me once when I was like 12 (of course, I looked 16, but that’s no excuse for being a creep). It was nothing scarring, just weird hugging and shoulder massages and things, but I didn’t like how he was touching me more and more. So I told my mom. I was so scared that I had done something wrong, I almost couldn’t talk about it. But she told me I was right to be upset, and that it was my body and if I didn’t want someone touching it, I should tell them to keep off the grass.

So I told him never to touch me again. And he stayed far far away. Which is good, but also sad because before he started acting that way, I considered him a fishing friend. I’ve never really expected much from males after that. I always suspected ulterior motives. No matter how much I wanted to believe someone was just being nice, it usually turned out they weren’t, they were just being “nice guys” or wanted something in return. So eventually I started assuming that guys always wanted something from me, and my relationships started making more sense. Maybe it’s vain to think that way, but I found from experience that it was foolhardy to believe the best of men. That probably explains why I portray them as such jerks.

Sad how one negative experience can impact your outlook so much.

  • Hidle

    I have a similar cynical outlook on men in the past as you have.

    They think they’re so clever and sneaky when it comes to having relational affairs with women, but even then the women do the same. I’ve tried to be more independant and distant, but at the same time have this vunerable veil of blunt exposure of what my real nature was and ended up just being friends with guys instead…

    Even if I did have a “boyfriend”, he would just use me to get to another girl because he assumed that I was “friends” with her (when I wasn’t or we were acquaintances to begin with).

    My love life is practically DOA anyway… :(

    PS I <3 your comics! ^___^

  • J-Kwez

    I only want one thing from my female friends. For them to shut up and play some D&D. And for women (read: people) in general to stop looking at D&D, MTG, MLP, etc as being creepy.

  • Peejteej

    In all honesty, of course I want something from a girl. I start with wanting to know her, to be her friend. She may not want to know me in return. I may like her enough to want her to be in a relationship with me. I want to be happy. Friendship and relationships are essentially using another person for happiness, companion comforts. Whether that happiness last is up to you. Fighting is inevitable in a good relationship; it means you are learning more about your partner.