Chemistry, Page 11

Oh burn!

I remember when writing Sparrow, I was very careful to keep her from ever sounding like she cares about anyone else. She wasn’t sitting in the car missing Lyle, she doesn’t want to know how he’s doing, or give him some love. She wants to know why the fries are inconveniencing her by taking so long to cook.

Lyle is trying to make nice, but it’s really hard to smooth over standing someone up without putting your whole heart into it, which is hard for him to do since he has no idea how hung up Rachel was on him.

In the final panel, you’ll notice a gritty background technique I started using around this time. Soon all the walls of Nowhere would be covered in texture of dilapidation.

More than anything, this scene showed that while Rachel reviles Bob and everything about him, humans have more in common with each other than we’d like to admit, and no one is a saint. What she hates in Bob, she’s probably going to hate in every boy she ever meets unless she does something differently, whether that be reconciling with other people’s behavior or getting her own before Sparrow moves in.

  • Alison

    I like how Lyle’s hair gets shorter as the comic goes on… and he dress’ less desireably as well…

  • Rachel the Great

    I hadn’t noticed that! I suppose his appearance falls with his desirability!